Part of the curriculum at Pine Hill and Newton Learning San Jose include work and professional development classes that help our students get ready for life post-graduation. Andrew Suarez, the workability specialist, has helped many students reach their goal by landing an internship or a job in the community. David Rivera, 18, is one the students who landed an internship with Google’s Bon Appetite program.

The Bon Appetit Management Company is a company that serves Google’s cafeteria and catering needs. When the opportunity was presented to David he jumped with excitement.

“I was happy to see Google and work for them,” said David.

The interview process was fluid and helped the students applying for this opportunity to get a thorough understanding of the job position and requirements. Suarez helped them prepare for the interviews by creating mock interviews, showing them videos of interview examples and having Q&A session to make them comfortable with the process.

While he waits for the Google Bon Apetit internship to start, David is currently interning at Goodwill with other students in the ED and Newton programs. The students attend their internship three times per week during the summer school hours. There they are exposed to customer service skills, managing skills and many other skills that are required in the workforce.

“The students are asked to organize the inventory, put the shoes in order and tag and display them,” said Suarez.

“We also help with customer service, help them figure out the clothes and pick items at the store,” added David.

The Goodwill internship lasts until the end of summer school when the students will receive a certificate of completion and the monetary reward for the hours they worked.

When he is not at work or school, David enjoys playing soccer in his spare time and spend quality time with friends and siblings.


Staff and students pose in front of the Google headquarter during their visit for a potential internship at Bon Apetit.