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Leadership Team

Executive Director

Tara Bevington

Tara started with the organization as our Controller in 2010 and was chosen as our Executive Director in 2014.  She received her BA in Accounting and has 20 years experience in finance and human resources.  She has a genuine passion for the organization’s mission and empathy, which is demonstrated by her dedication and determination to ensure all students, at need, have access to Second Start’s nationally and internationally recognized programs!

(408) 979-8210 #152

Northern Nevada Newton Learning Center Site Manager

Rebecca “RJ” Larrieu

Rebecca Larrieu has ten years of amazing success with Second Start working with and creating nationally recognized education programs.

(775) 358-0808 

Pine Hill South Site Manager

Ray Johnson

(831) 236-8843

Director of Educational Programs

Greg Zieman

Greg has 20 years of experience in special education! He has been at the forefront of innovative programs for special education such as “Workability”. He has lead and managed state, local, federal and corporate grants all focused in the education of special needs students and teens at risk. He is a leading expert in special education.

Greg the Chairperson of the Child Abuse Council of Santa Clara County and on the weekends invests his time with youth basketball.

(408) 979-8210 #260

Manager of Facilities and Transportation

Wayne Spurlock

Wayne Spurlock is the leading logistics expert for Second Start and brings decades of skill and expertise to his love for special needs kids.

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