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Regarding previous public placement: “Although very high functioning, he was just not able to keep up with the social development of his peers.
Regarding N.L.C.: “He instantly felt at home. I can’t speak highly enough about how dedicated the staff are to each child’s growth socially, scholastically, and emotionally.”
–Jim Truitt

Congratulations to all of our 2015 graduates!
Read this great article about one of our 2015 NLC Nevada graduates. Way to go Patrick!!





Strategies for developing social skills

  • Your child may not understand the social norms and rules that come more naturally to other children. Provide clear explanations of why certain behaviors are expected, and teach rules for those behaviors.
  • Encourage your child to learn how to interact with people and what to do when spoken to, and explain why it is important. Give lots of praise, especially when he or she uses a social skill without prompting.
  • Practice activities, such as games or question-and-answer sessions, that call for taking turns or putting yourself in the other person's place.
  • Help your child understand others' feelings by role-playing and watching and discussing human behaviors seen in movies or on television. Provide a model for your child by telling him or her about your own feelings and reactions to those feelings.
  • Teach your child how to read and respond appropriately to social cues. Give him or her "stock" phrases to use in various social situations, such as when being introduced. You can also teach your child how to interact by role-playing.
  • Foster involvement with others, especially if your child tends to be a loner.
  • Teach your child about public and private places, so that he or she learns what is appropriate in both circumstances. For example, hugging may not be appropriate at school but is usually fine at home.
"One of the Finest Private Special Education Schools in America!"

Located in beautiful Silicon Valley with a 39 year history of Remarkable Success in working with Students Challenged with Learning Disabilities as well as Aspergers, Autism with related emotional disabilities and/or behavioral issues.

Second Start's Day Schools and unique programs have a documented success rate of over 73% in being able to successfully integrate challenged students back into our Public School Systems after only two years in one of our programs.

Second Start is a nonprofit organization that provides specialized academic, transitional, and/or therapeutic services to disadvantaged, at risk children and young adults who are challenged by learning and social or emotional differences. Second Start is committed to helping children become successful.

We strive to implement a quality education with an individualized component for students who have been unable to have their needs met in other educational settings.

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