Written by Angelina H., student at Newton Learning Center Northern Nevada

After homeschooling her own children for approximately 20 years, Bethany Valentine became part of the Newton Learning Center family when she enrolled her son in NLC’s after school social thinking group. The group was so valuable and helpful for her son that she enrolled him for his freshman year at NLC with the goal of equipping him to attend public high school.

Mrs. Bethany Valentine, Newton Learning Center Northern Nevada

Loving the program, she went back to school and got her degree from the University of Nevada, Reno (human development major with a minor in developmental disabilities) so she could then be hired as a teacher at the Newton Learning Center.

Teaching at Newton is a dream come true for her. She believes in teaching her students to be caring, compassionate, strong,persistent and responsible. She believes if a child is taught “how” to learn, they will become life-long learners. 

Bethany is a wife, a mother of four and a grandmother of eight. She and her husband have a Cocker Spaniel named Lily who keeps them busy. She loves history, travel, chocolate and cooking with her husband.

NLC student Angelina H. sat down with Mrs. Bethany for a holiday Q&A session:

AH: What’s your favorite thing about teaching?

BV: Sharing my love by learning new things.

AH: Which place would you go on vacation?

BV: Italy.

AH: What are your three wishes?

BV: Children are safe and happy, everyone around the world gets along, and to be size 6 again.

AH: What’s your tradition for Christmas?

BV: Everyone comes over Christmas Eve and the kids open one present. We get up Christmas morning and open presents, one per person in a circle.

AH: What do you want for Christmas?

BV: Realistically? A mug from Bed Bath & Beyond that says “Queen of Everything.” My dream wish is to have the full family together on Christmas.

AH. What is your favorite Christmas song?

BV: “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”

AH: What kind of food did you leave for Santa when you were little?

BV: Cookies and milk.

AH: Do you wish for a winter wonderland this year?

BV: Oh yes!

AH: What’s the worst present you ever gotten?

BV: I can’t recall but I loved everything.

AH: What’s your favorite holiday movie?

BV: White Christmas with Bing Crosby.