Our Newton Learning Center Northern Nevada students tell, in their own words, why they love their school in celebration of National School Choice Week. To learn more about the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program, click here.

Angels storyAngel HAngel H.

I love my School because They saved me who I am today. I was trouble maker even though I’m still am. They still handle my crap. They Helped our peers around us when we have a problem. They have with mine when I was dealt with trauma. I’m glad I tend going to Newton Learning Center. The School welcomes you like you are part of the family. It’s nice to have that to feel safe. We don’t allow bullying either and everyone will feel safe. They Love us as students and including as their children. We love NLC!


Briana W.

BrianaW storyWardBriannaI love Newton Learning Center because I have friends there that don’t bully me but actually support me in school. Another thing that I love about Newton is that I have teachers who are nice and supportive. They will help you with whatever you need because they are there to make you feel comfortable in the school With a good teacher to student ratio our teachers can adapt lesson plans to my needs. Newton Learning Center is a friendly and safe environment that provides me the confidence to trust to push myself through a challenging curriculum. I also like that Newton Learning Center’s

has teachers with whom you can discuss your feelings and challenges. They know us personally and understand our unique qualities. I like the fact that they go Wood Shop, Life skills, social thinking PE, and extra-curricular activities and experiences. I’m happy that we’ve found Newton because it’s provided me education that Washoe County School District could not. Newton Learning Center made me look forward to school and helped me thrived in a learning environment.

Daniel G.

Daniel Gthey arent like public schoolsI love Newton Learning Center because they are safe to be around and aren’t like public schools. I also love them because they are very caring and you don’t have to worry about strict teachers in public schools. I also love to be with them because they are helpful with any situations that either happened outside of school or in school. I always love them because they are loving to you and always will have your back. This school is also my favorite because they are joyful and make their classes fun. I also love them because the are very intelligent to you and always will be enjoying their students. I also like them because they are compassionate with their students when one of them is struggling or your struggling with any work. This school is also friendly because they come over and you can interact with them one on one in a good way. This school includes empathy because the staff feel the way that is hurting your feelings and they will feel the same exact way, or similar. I also love Newton because they  are very influencing because they are supporting the students either outside of school or within the building.

Matthew L.

LammersMathewtrouble fitting inWhen I was in the public school system, I wasn’t functioning well due to having trouble fitting in and the style of teaching. My old school didn’t understand my Autism, so a major change had to be taken right into action. Ultimately, my eventual dream came true! That’s right, my family and I were saved by the Newton Learning Center! Here, I have grown quite close to everyone here and it’s great to feel truly supported/appreciated as a family. Another reason why I love Newton is that they push us out of our comfort zone and encourage everyone to follow their dreams! After all, we’re all capable of succeeding! The amazing staff understand our struggles and stand by our side no matter what. Without Newton, I would be the kind, hardworking man I am today! Unforgettable places like the Newton Learning Center only come once in your life, so I’ve treasured as much cherished memories as possible for them to live on after I graduate.

Joseph J.

Joseph Jnice teachersI like NLC because is has nice teachers. I like that the teachers actually care about their students. I think it’s great that they try to help students with their personal problems as well as their school work. It’s great that they help the students with social thinking. They also make it so that the students have fun by adding classes like coding and wood shop. Coding is also helpful because it teaches computer skills. Wood shop is helpful because it teaches students how to use tools. They also take students on field trips. Another helpful thing they do is teach students life skills. They even help older students find jobs.