Maura Truitt

Bethany Valentine and Zachary

Brent Rice

Joan Kennedy

Darcy Phillips

Linda McMahon





Alice Griffin

“(The) staff have worked very hard to restore her confidence. She knows she can accomplish anything if she sets her mind to it. They truly reach the ONE!”
— Linda Hayes, Newton Learning Center, NV

“Thank you so much for your excellent program at Pine Hill School. Our sons whole attitude toward school has changed. He actually wants to go now. Even though he has only been there a couple of months”.
— Shelia and Robert S.

“Our stress level as parents has also dropped since we are relieved that our kids are in a safe and bully-free environment with accepting and caring peers and teachers.”
— Janis & Kurt Lammers

Regarding previous public placement: “Although very high functioning, he was just not able to keep up with the social development of his peers.” Regarding Newton Learning Center: “He instantly felt at home. I can’t speak highly enough about how dedicated the staff are to each child’s growth socially, scholastically, and emotionally.”
-– Jim Truitt

“Thanks for your wonderful program. It has changed our Son!”
— Patricia and Mike Sojore