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October 2018 Newsletter

A Note From Tara
This month, I want to turn our attention to the importance family support plays in children’s education. Marlene Last, president of the Newton Learning Center, San Jose’s Home & School Club talks about the need for parent engagement. – Tara Bevington

The backbone behind any parent group is a cadre of engaged volunteers who provide energy and ideas in support of parents, teachers, staff and students coming together to benefit the educational experience of children.

Marlene Last, president for Newton Learning Center’s Home & School Club in San Jose, is seeking volunteers to help the club move to the next level in meeting that goal.

“There is often a misperception by parents that if they volunteer they are locked into doing things all the time,” Marlene said. “But we only need a few to contribute whatever they can to really get this going.”

She added that today’s technology makes it easier for parents to offer ideas and suggestions for activities outside of the regular monthly meetings.

Marlene wants to build the Home & School Club into a connecting organization – between parents, staff and teachers – to help children have a richer experience at school. Whether it is helping out with a party or activity or bringing resources to the table in the form of corporate contributions, Marlene said parent involvement is needed for the school experience to be more enjoyable.

Parent involvement is also key to showing appreciation for staff and teachers, she said. “We can all be connected together if we come together.”

Parents are invited to attend the next Home & School Club meeting, which is also a potluck, on Wednesday, Oct. 24, at 6 p.m. at the Newton Learning Center campus in San Jose. Please bring a dish to share….or just come on by!

To get connected, contact Marlene via phone or email: marlenelast@att.net or (408)385-5219.

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Important Academic Dates:

San Jose:

Pine Hill and Newton Learning Center

Oct. 19 – end of 1st quarter

Nov. 12: no school (Veterans’ Day)

Nov. 21-23: no school (Thanksgiving)

Dec. 24-Jan. 4: no school (winter break)


Pine Hill

Nov. 12: no school (Veterans’ Day)

Nov. 19-23: no school (Thanksgiving)

Dec. 24-Jan. 7: no school (winter break)

Northern Nevada (Reno)

Newton Learning Center

Oct. 26: no school (Nevada Day)

Nov. 12: no school (Veterans’ Day)

Nov. 21-23: no school (Thanksgiving)

Dec. 21-Jan. 4: no school (winter break)

And a reminder that Daylight Savings Time ends on Nov. 4. Be sure to set your clocks back an hour when you go to bed that Saturday night!

NLC golf tourney

Firefighters at NLC_NN

In honor of Fire Prevention Month, the Reno Fire Department’s Fire House No. 7 visited our Newton Learning Center Northern Nevada campus on Oct. 16. We love our firefighters!


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